The benefits of VOUCHAIN are versatile and unique for all stakeholders of the value chain!

Centrally managed voucher systems vs VOUCHAIN

Voucher Properties

Centrally Managed Voucher Systems



Vouchers can not be personalized.

Vouchers are personalized (owners are anonomyous ). Transfer of voucher ownership between users is possible.

Settlement of Payments

Settlement of payments between retailers and shopping centres usually take up to a couple of working days.

Settlement of payments between retailers and shopping centres is automatically done via a token based payment process in real time.

Voucher Types

Giftcards and vouchers are either “Closed Loop” or “Open Loop”

VOUCHAIN combines the advantages of Closed Loop and Open Loop vouchers . Acceptance of vouchers can be flexibly adjusted.

Integration Capacity

Integration with bonus-, loyalty-, couponing programms/App only possible under certain conditions.

Bonus-, loyalty-, couponing programms of retailers can be easily integrated with the VOUCHAIN mobile wallet and benefit from the advantages such as on-chain visability of transactions.