Connecting the Blockchain

Our platform provider interface (API) communicates with the VOUCHAIN Smart Contracts on the
Ethereum Blockchain, allowing the following features:

  • Add, manage, or remove webshops, POS Systems
  • Add, manage, or redeem vouchers
  • Manage permissions and relations between webshops and POS Systems

Connecting Webshops

The Webshop API directly communicates with the platform provider API. As such, the Webshop API allows the following features:

  • Add or manage vouchers (e.g. purchasing, redeeming, refunding)
  • Add or manage partners (supported webshops and POS systems)

Connecting POS Systems

The POS API communicates directly with the PP API to access the smart contracts. As such, the POS API allows the following features:

  • Purchasing and refunding vouchers via shopping centre POS
  • Redeeming vouchers via retailer POS
  • Optional: Refund merchandise in return for vouchers at retailers

Connecting the Customers/End Users

To allow the customers to conveniently purchase, store, and redeem their vouchers, the mobile wallet API provides the following features:

  • Accessing purchased vouchers via PP API
  • Generating wallet address & private key
  • Supported shop partners for redeeming vouchers
  • Transfer total or partial voucher amount to other wallet addresses → transfer of voucher ownership
  • Purchasing vouchers from shopping centre POS system
  • Redeeming vouchers using voucher ID (QR-Code or Barcode) at retailer POS systems